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Landscaping service for the Youngstown Ohio area, including irrigation, mulching, tree preservation, retaining walls, and more.

Landscaping Service

Landscaping can be many things. It not only involves the plant life, such as flowers, trees and shrubs, pruning, mulching, but also the structures, stone work, irrigation, lighting, and hardscapes surrounding them. At Bare Root Landscaping, we can professionally design, install and maintain a complete landscape plan.


Landscaping Company Youngstown Ohio

A few highlights of Bare Root landscaping services:

Tree Preservation and removal - Trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape plan. We love to maintain these beautiful trees, and with proper maintenance, they can remain tall and strong for many years. However, sometimes trees become storm damaged, and can then provide a hazard, or even a liability. We can remove these trees, regardless of height, condition, or proximity to buildings and power lines. Doing so properly requires extensive training and care. We can remove the entire tree, or just the damaged areas safely, as well as clean up and haul away the debris, and stump grinding.

Hardscapes - Hardscapes can be a retaining wall, a stone walkway, waterfall feature, patios, steps, or landscape beds.

Retaining Walls - Retaining walls are a great way to make use of hilly areas you would not be able to use while adding a modern look to your landscape design. We can use block walls in a variety of styles and colors, or we can build a boulder retaining wall for a more natural look.

Water Features - Water Features are one of our favorite projects to create here at Bare Root Landscaping. We can do smaller boulder water features to bring a focal point to the front of your home, or we can go all out in the backyard and create an oasis right here in Ohio. We can design any number of water features, including reflective pools, fountains, waterfalls that drop into a pond, pondless waterfalls (water is recycled from the bottom to the top, creating a low maintenance feature), or anything else you can dream of, to any scale, large or small.

The true beauty of retaining walls, water features, and other hardscapes is that no two are alike, as every setting is different.

Landscaping service for the Youngstown Ohio area, including irrigation, mulching, tree preservation, retaining walls, and more.

Bare Root Landscaping

Our specialty is landscape construction and installation. This can include lawn maintenance, stonework and hardscapes such as retaining walls, patios, waterfall features, landscape lighting and more. We mostly serve the Canfield, Boardman, Austintown, Poland and the City of Youngstown but along with the Mahoning county we also serve the Trumbull and Columbiana areas.

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